The riddles that u have to understand

“Just because I appear happy, doesn’t mean everything’s ok.
Just because I don’t listen to you, doesn’t mean I don’t care.
Just because I’m gullible, doesn’t mean you can lie to me.
Just because I’m sarcastic, doesn’t mean I don’t take things seriously.
Just because I’m not like you, doesn’t mean I’m weird.
Just because I don’t say I love you, doesn’t mean I don’t.”

This is true,you know. people tend to judge me a LOT. And it's weird coz most of them don't even know me. I don't like to say random things that can destroy my relationship with anyone,but that doesn't mean that I don't care & I don't listen. Actually,I care too much of my friends n family,only that I don't know how to show it. The only way that I know how is to help them when they are in need,be loyal to them & to guide them even when they feel that they are right. If all of these qualities makes me the "bad guy",then so be it. What I truly know is that my intention is good. :)