It's time for a change

I used to have a plan figured out for my life. I used to think I know it all,the ending etc etc. But when the truth came up,I was left unspoken. It was the sudden and final showdown for me. So when I met someone who can ease my misery,I took my time to make sure that it's real. Well, truth be told,I didn't give myself enough time to think. I thought I have found my saviour. But this time,I'm gonna save myself instead. It never crossed my mind that too much time spent on each other will lead to a crappy relationship. Owh! I forgot. We don't have one. Maybe that's the REAL problem. I wanted to cry,hit him and run,but all I can do is smile. All I wanted was someone to call my own. Someone who will appreciate me as much as I appreciates him. Someone who won't be afraid to share his feelings with me. Maybe I have found him. Maybe I got to give him more time to think,or maybe it's too late. Now it's time for a change. For the first time in my life,I'm putting MYSELF first. not you,and definitely not others. It's been nice all this while but I do believe that there's gotta be more to my life than just living under your expectations. This time,I won't back down. U had your chances but u waste it. No more time will be given to u. It's now MY TIME to shine. adios