I am blessed :)

Life can be hard sometimes. And for some unlucky person ; like myself, there will ALWAYS a challenge coming up n ruins the day. So what do u have to do next? The answer is simple. GET THROUGH IT. When ur life is a big mess, and u feel like a total loser.. Take a good look around u. U have a perfect physical form of a human,u have feelings,u can still think straight and MOST IMPORTANTLY,u still have ur beloved ones to help u through it all. Those are the main factors that should keep u moving forward in life. U should be grateful n thankful for all the blessings that are borrowed to u. Coz u know one day He can take it ALL back. Remember HIM and u will find the strength that u need and more. So, thank you ALLAH for borrowing me the good health and mind. the good sense of taste,feelings and emotion. and most of all, for borrowing me this beautiful life that I could call my own.



ada masanya kita lupa... xrugi kalau duduk n bfikir skjp tentang kebesaran tuhan n menginsafi diri sndr... :)


tahniah miss invee dpt result bgus2 :)


yunk... i've tagged u :) nnt g kt blog :)


wahh. terharu. ade gak yg bc blog mengarut ak nih! ;pp

zatie : yeah.. that's true.. we were blind to see what's in front of us :)

fay : haha. alhamdulillah. but i can make it better. InsyaAllah

aten : maceh syg ;)


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