If love is purchasable,would you think that you buy it?

If it is offered at the counters,would you think that it will be this PRECIOUS?

Everyday all people ever seems to think about is love. NO. They don't say it out loud. But it is an issue that is always playing at the back of their mind. We all are just mere human beings. We need tender loving care. We need someone to accept us just the way we are. We need a hand to hold and believe in. So,if love can be bought (theoretically) would you think people will still be obsessed with it? And if u buy it,to whom shall you give it to? Forgive me for my childish and out of this world fantasies. But I couldn't ignore this fact : We all need LOVE just like we need oxygen to breathe. And so,this idea pops out.

LOVE is just a four letter word but it means so much more to us. Some people says that they don't need love and they are content with what they have.
But why are they still searching for love?
Because we just need someone to lean on.
Someone to be there for us each time we fall.
Love is this context not only refers to a partner. It can also be referred to a friend.
Love from a friend is where it all began.
Don't you think so?

First step : You know each other.
Second : You get to know each other better.
Third step : You become best friends.
Fourth step : You start to feel that something inside your heart.
Fifth step : THE CONFESSION.

These are the steps that often take place in a relationship. And it is something beautiful because without knowing each other first,how can we be certain that "he is the one"?.

There are another four letter word that gives the total opposite meaning : HATE.
It is the feeling that blinds everything else. When we hate someone,we seems to ignore the good facts about that person. We can only see the bad things.
Hate is when we don't want to hear their name being mentioned.
We don't want to see their face coz you feel like vomitting after that.
We don't want to be in their presence. AT ALL.

But with love,it's a total difference.
We want to be in their presence.
We want to see them laugh.
We want to talk to them.
Even seeing that person from afar can be give us the total calmness that we seek.
We want to know everything about them.
When they smile at us,we feel like they just give us wings to fly.

( all this thanks to my observation of my dear friends.hehe)

LOVE is a powerful urge that if not protected well,can turn into HATE.
So if you think that you might hate a certain someone, you better make a move.
Hate don't give us any advantage. but Love does.
So keep on loving and don't stop searching.

Something unexpected

Something happened. Something I never tot possible. I'm beginning to trust again. Although my guards are still up,I can't help but to trust this person. Should i or shouldn't i? I don't want history to be repeated again. but i just can't help myself. Is it too soon for me to say? It's just too good to be true. Like destiny wanted this to happened. But I'm afraid to take the chances. It's so odd that everything is soo smooth and warm. It's like i'm gonna have a new bff. And i like it. Hope this will lasts longer or better yet,lasts forever. I miss the feeling that i can rely on someone. I don't know it yet,but Allah sure have it all plan for us. :)

The way we were

I often wonder about our used-to-be friendship. And I wonder more often about the path that YOU chose. The friendship was so beautiful and we were so close. But you had to stab me in the back. Tell me why? The sorrows are endless and you suddenly becomes meaningless to me. Just so you know,IT IS OVER.

We can never be the way we WERE.

No matter how you say it,no matter how you see it,it shall never be reversed. I trusted you and now the bond is broken. how can you repair something that was so fragile to begin with? Now things are shattered and you are left ALONE. Yeah you read it right. You are alone and I'm still happy with the one I love. So tell me who's the fool in this game? It have been you all along. Emptiness and loneliness will once again be your company. And I do not pity you this time. Coz you deserve it. I never told anyone about what happened between us ; just as I promised you. But if one day the truth comes out,I hope that you won't run away. Or be a tongue twister and twist the whole story up. AGAIN. Man up and admit that you ARE wrong. As for me,I want nothing to do with you anymore. You shall be a memory of whom I should never have trusted.

Talking about love

Being in love is a beatiful thing isn't it? That is why most people ever think about is LOVE.LOVE.LOVE. Sometimes they ignore the feelings that they have because they are afraid of the consequences. But sometimes they are too frank about it until everyone knows. Which one is better? It depends on the situation. If you are sure that person is interested in you too,Then by all means,shout it out LOUD. But if that person is not sending the signals that they should've send,then just shut up since you might mess up what you had before. I know I'm not an expert in all of this stuff but I learn from others' experience. Being in love with someone doesn't mean that you can have them. You should be happy for them IF they choose someone else that can make them a lot happier than you can. Although it is heartbreaking but that just the way things are. And it is a lot nicer too since you can still be close to them other than be apart for the not-so-important reason. Sometimes you do feel the urge to tell that person what you really feel. You want to show them how much you care and so on. YEAH,I do know how that feels. But then,it's not your time nor your place to speak up. Hold on until the moment come. And if the moment never comes,then maybe you are not meant together. MAYBE. Keep in your mind that everything happens for a reason. And you should just adopt it. Allah have a better plan for us. You just have to believe.