The way we were

I often wonder about our used-to-be friendship. And I wonder more often about the path that YOU chose. The friendship was so beautiful and we were so close. But you had to stab me in the back. Tell me why? The sorrows are endless and you suddenly becomes meaningless to me. Just so you know,IT IS OVER.

We can never be the way we WERE.

No matter how you say it,no matter how you see it,it shall never be reversed. I trusted you and now the bond is broken. how can you repair something that was so fragile to begin with? Now things are shattered and you are left ALONE. Yeah you read it right. You are alone and I'm still happy with the one I love. So tell me who's the fool in this game? It have been you all along. Emptiness and loneliness will once again be your company. And I do not pity you this time. Coz you deserve it. I never told anyone about what happened between us ; just as I promised you. But if one day the truth comes out,I hope that you won't run away. Or be a tongue twister and twist the whole story up. AGAIN. Man up and admit that you ARE wrong. As for me,I want nothing to do with you anymore. You shall be a memory of whom I should never have trusted.


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