I'm sick of it!

Arghhh!!! ppl keep asking me questions.And questions. AND MORE QUESTIONS!!!! but i don't have the answer. I know you care but pls. This is not the right time to ask me all those DAMN question! You guys said that u are sad coz it happened. Now imagine how is my condition. The sadness n pain that you felt, multiply it by at least a thousand times. YES. THAT IS WHAT I'M FEELING RIGHT NOW. I know you don't see it. Coz i'm not good in expressing my feelings. but pls think logically. Who wouldn't feel sad if things like this happens to them?? I'm tired of thinking what went wrong etc etc. Right now I just wanna let this matter go for a while. I'm not running from my problems,I'm just giving myself some space. I already did everything that I could and right now HOPE is all I have. I'm just a mere human being. So please,just let it be. It will make it easier for bot of us. YOU & ME. tqvm


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