Little Miss Invisible

"I feel so invisible nowadays. Totally friendless. Totally ALONE."

I really wish somehow someone somewhere can make me believe again. The word "FRIENDS" have lost it's holiness. It meant nothing to everyone but me. How can this be? When friends are supposed to be the family that WE CHOSE. Somehow, nobody rely on it anymore. Friendship is now for the sake of social climbing dumb whore. I pity them.
I really do.

I've been a friend. A crying shoulder. Someone people can depend on when they need an advice. I have played my part as a friend,as honest as I can be. They hurt my feelings too often and yet I never complained. They abandoned me as if I'm not a human. They overlook to see that I was there.

ohh well,maybe I was never their friend to begin with. Maybe I'm just some "person" they met along their journey. I don't know. but I really hope someday,someone would see.

How sacred the word "friends" means to me.


nothing else i can say..~


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