The Dark Side

I was listening to my playlist when suddenly it was playing Kelly Clarkson's The Dark Side. It made me think about everything else. 

Do u have anything that u tried to seal so closely? a secret or even a habit that u are ashamed of. Yeah. That is the wall that is keeping everyone from getting in. We all have something that we are not comfortable with. I guess what I'm trying to say is, everyone has got a dark side of themselves. 

Letting people in are not an easy task. U gotta give all of u or nothing at all. Now this is the tricky part. Who can u trust? are they even worthy risking all ur secrets and inner thoughts? it is a scary feeling. Believe me, i know

But in the end, all we ever wanted was for someone who can accept us. Good or bad. No matter how tough the situation may get, we want them to always be there, to hold on even when it seems there's no hope and most importantly, to remind us why we are worthy to be loved. 

We all want someone who can embrace us.. even with our dark side.