Talking about love

Being in love is a beatiful thing isn't it? That is why most people ever think about is LOVE.LOVE.LOVE. Sometimes they ignore the feelings that they have because they are afraid of the consequences. But sometimes they are too frank about it until everyone knows. Which one is better? It depends on the situation. If you are sure that person is interested in you too,Then by all means,shout it out LOUD. But if that person is not sending the signals that they should've send,then just shut up since you might mess up what you had before. I know I'm not an expert in all of this stuff but I learn from others' experience. Being in love with someone doesn't mean that you can have them. You should be happy for them IF they choose someone else that can make them a lot happier than you can. Although it is heartbreaking but that just the way things are. And it is a lot nicer too since you can still be close to them other than be apart for the not-so-important reason. Sometimes you do feel the urge to tell that person what you really feel. You want to show them how much you care and so on. YEAH,I do know how that feels. But then,it's not your time nor your place to speak up. Hold on until the moment come. And if the moment never comes,then maybe you are not meant together. MAYBE. Keep in your mind that everything happens for a reason. And you should just adopt it. Allah have a better plan for us. You just have to believe.


i stop after it goes to "in relationship" term .when they try to fix things back to normal ,i rather say no because sometime there is "no" right time to say i'm sorry .


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