I just can't take it anymore

I went home today and didn't expect to see my lovely cat,zorro to be suffering. He was diagnosed of having stone and should have it removed. I don't know the procedure but when I went home this afternoon,he was already in stiches. and also blood. He couldn't move. And he SHOULDN'T move. But he is just a cat. How can he understand that he was supposed to be resting and take his medicine. It was so hard watching he suffer. At first,I can still handle it. But seeing him move along with the pain,made me feel all his emotion *i know he's just a cat!* Then later tonight,which is just 5 minutes before I wrote this entry,I went to the kitchen cause I wanted to see how he was doing. He was crying *I know I can't understand him but I just felt it in my heart* and it that did it! I broke down crying in front of his cage. I'm not the type who likes to cry and so,THIS is a bit emotional for me. I can't bear the thought of losing him. Even he is just a cat,he have been with me all the time *when I'm at home*. He always came to me and sleep in front of the couch while I'm watching TV. And he knows when I'm sad and so,he would come and cuddle. I know it may sound rather foolish to certain people but to me,he IS important. He is my family and forever will be. I just hope that he will recover SOON. VERY SOON. For any of you reading this,please pray for his health. It would be a real help for me. Thank you very much.


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