when that word pops in my mind,I get all sorts of ideas. You know why? coz it's subjective. Sometimes we thinks that dot3 is pretty,but others won't agree. and vice versa. So is anybody wrong here? The answer is N to the O = NO!

Ever heard the saying "Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder"? I couldn't agree more. To me, having a pretty face,body or skin doesn't imply that you are beautiful. Ok ok,it does meant that you are but it doesn't make you beautiful in MY EYES. Beauty to me, runs skin thick && it's more than meets the eye. BEAUTY IS PERSONALITY. You can fake your face with heavy make up. You can cover your body with fashionable clothes *no offense to anyone.just making a point here* but you can NEVER. and I mean NEVER NEVER EVERRR cover up bad attitude!

To think that people are beautiful only by seeing their appearance is shallow coz you need to know that person more to know the real deal. *again,my own opinion* Then you will see the truth that they hide behind their pretty lil face. I say this through experience. Most people that I've met tend to show their COLOURS after a while. Have you met these kind of people? I bet you have. And these are the people that aren't a beauty in my eyes.

Don't judge a book by it's cover is another good saying coz you never know what lies within. but when you meet with a beautiful people,KEEP them! What the hell are you waiting for? haha. Those people are hard to find nowadays. Like they somehow vanished through thin air and go hiding in their own world and only that extra special people can meet them.

So grab on to what you are holding,and hold to them tight. Coz whatever that may happens,what mess you might crawl into,You know that they got you back!

As for me, I already got my beauties. && I am never letting go. *wink wink*


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