unexpected LIFE

One day you are rich,famous & fabulous but the next day you could be the total opposite. Isn't it scarry juz to think of it? Life has it's own way to give us lessons and most of the time,it HURTS. We have to learn it the hard way and nobody wanna go through it alone. *at least I know that I don't*

For instance,you admire this person from afar. You get to know that person. You guys get pretty close and you thought that that person have the same feelings too. But ONE DAY,that person tell you that they are in love with a certain someone. OUCH! That has to hurt rite? *for the first time,I'm not talking about my own experience*

Since in primary school I always console people about their problems *I'm not bragging k.tq very much.haha* Most of them have difficulties in LOVE. Although I'm no expert in this area,I just tend to lend my ear and listen to their heart contents. Then I'll give them my honest opinion. *I'm not joking. I tell them stuff that they never wanna hear.* Most of them will be sceptical at first *klw slh eja,maap ye.hee~* Then another 2 or 3 days they would come back and say "You are right / Ko btol la...." I don't like being right about awful stuff but somebody gotta tell them the whole truth right?

Once,a girl yelled at me coz I helped her by telling the truth. She was seeking and nagging me for the answer every day. EVERY SINGLE DAY people! *she even disturbs my nap time & reading novel time.that is unacceptable!* So,I told her the truth & nothing but the truth and she couldn't accept it. Suddenly,I became the bad person. I became the inconsiderate one. Ok,the inconsiderate part is slightly true coz I didn't even like her. hehe. But me hating her doesn't make me tell her the truth right? I told her coz somehow,I CARED.

Yeah,that's just how life works out to be. You'll never know what you are getting into. You'll never know how it will turns out to be. && the most difficult part of all,you'll never know what to EXPECT!


ahaha.. tenkiuu miss ora ;D


ko nk jual biskot raye ekh?


byk la ko.. haha.. tp klw ak jual kek buah kukus ko nk bli x? hehe


kenapa semua comment yang tak sepatutnye kat sini

bout that "teardrop on my guitar" situation above .i've been thru it a couple weeks ago ,might be tough and hury at first .

but i try my hardest to ignore it .i guess i made it ,but i think about it sometime .

but hey ,that's life .i just keep my head held up and walk proudly cause i know there is still someone waiting for me by the corner of my story .


zhana :
haha.. mereka ni mmg.. ;p
yeahh.. dun wrry girl.. everyone will meet their other half SOONER or later.. n I do hope sooner for my pals.. keep on living ur life n enjoy every moment of it.. when ur prince come,u won't b hurt anymore. that I know for sure ;D


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