First cake!


Last thursday I went to aunty rahmah's house. We were supposed to help her with her cakes but end up cooking everything in between! haha.It was a lot of fun & I really learned a LOT! Bake my first cake *I am totally excited it came through* It was a carrot cake. Although many veggie-haters out there were thinking "EUW" when they read this,but it was actually tasty.It was the first time i tasted it.with the lemon frosting on top,whew,it was awesome. ok ok. I almost sound like i'm bragging.haha.but u must *And i mean,MUST* taste it to believe it. I know some ppl might not agree with me,well that's just life. If u DO like it,let me know k? We can bake it together. *wink wink*

ok ok. this is the last pic. i promise. *in this post btw.haha*


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