I miss how we were. How we used to be

It's difficult to move on. I of all people knows this fact. I miss how we were. How we used to be. I never dream that I could lose it all in a blink of an eye. I know we got our differences. and in the past, it was our differences that makes us unique. It is not a reason for any arguments and bullshits. Why oh why,some people just come and ruin others lives so that they can live happily. everyday I feel the pain of losing my loved ones. Everyday I have to feel that hole inside my heart. We used to be so strong. We shouldn't have listened to others but listened to our hearts instead. I knew exactly what happened but I can't say a word. As words are the things that people will manipulate and exaggerate. Because I'm afraid of losing u much further, I guess living like this is the best way possible. I pray that we'll be close again. just like we used to be. Even if u are content with ur life right now, the person that I once knew will miss being in the past. What's the use of having everything if u are not happy?


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