It's MY life.

People like to talk talk talk. If u do some good,they will NEVER remember. But if u do some bad,they will make it a battlefield for u. Why is this even possible?? No justice at all. But yeah, I've known it all along.

Growing up, I think if I be nice to people and do good deeds,people are going to treat me as the same. Boy, how wrong was I! Anywhere u go, anytime... There WILL ALWAYS be someone who hates u. ALWAYS.

I don't know why but that's how my life is. There's always that SOMEONE who loves to dictate my life. Hey common lahh. U already got your life. So it's not fair for u to control others' as well. It's like u are living 2 lives at the same time. GRRRR.

I was never born as a hater. And never as I intend to be. So let me be me. Stop all the judging and sarcastic comments. It won't bring u any good in destroying others life and future.


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