Have you ever..

Have you ever wonder about the world?

Why there are so many things that human take for granted. Such as trees,animals,environment,clean water etc,etc. *wahh..somehow i can't stop but feeling like a speech-er.LOL* We all live in this world every second,every minutes and every hour without having to pay for our clean air and water. Do you ever wondered what it would be like if we were to pay for every breath that we take?? OMG! That would be a disaster. But that thought have came to my mind before. And truly,I'm AFRAID. Have you realised that every thing use money nowadays? *of coz u have but i still want to ask.hee~* And it wouldn't be a big surprise if SOMEDAY,we would have to pay for EVERYTHING.

Have you ever feel alone in bed?

When your world goes wrong and nobody's there with you and you can't help to feel alone. Your worst thought came to mind and you curl in your bed wanting it to just go away. But it doesn't. Your mind wonders about so many things until you can't sleep anymore or IF you do fell asleep,you got that nasty nightmare.

Have you ever wonder about your food?

You were eating some delicious meal at a cafe and you think "this food is awesome! I wish I can cook like this!" *usually my thoughts.haha* You think about the ingredients all those not-so-important-stuff-to-think-while-you-were-eating thingy.

Have you ever cried or smile because a song?

While you were jumping happily when you're in love OR when you are sad beyond words..then suddenly a song plays that fits perfectly in your situation. And you smile,blushing OR cried weepingly because the lyrics are too perfect for what you are feeling at that EXACT moment. The words just came out like you would've said it. And you wish you could.

So,have you ever?


yeah go green ,most people think this issue won't bother them much because they tend to accept everything spinning around them .they might regret it later with no doubt .

yaa ,every song do remind me of every single day i've been thru .sometime you laugh and sometime you want to forget those teary moment ,without knowing that every day we use to live never be the same soon .there gonna be no 12 april 2010 again .12 april might come again but not as in the april of 2010 :)


wahh..ko bc gak blog ak nih.. terharu.. haha..

1)nk go green ssh la weh.. kne byk duet ;pp
2)yeahh.. every song means something to someone kn? h0h0h0


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