I miss how we were. How we used to be

It's difficult to move on. I of all people knows this fact. I miss how we were. How we used to be. I never dream that I could lose it all in a blink of an eye. I know we got our differences. and in the past, it was our differences that makes us unique. It is not a reason for any arguments and bullshits. Why oh why,some people just come and ruin others lives so that they can live happily. everyday I feel the pain of losing my loved ones. Everyday I have to feel that hole inside my heart. We used to be so strong. We shouldn't have listened to others but listened to our hearts instead. I knew exactly what happened but I can't say a word. As words are the things that people will manipulate and exaggerate. Because I'm afraid of losing u much further, I guess living like this is the best way possible. I pray that we'll be close again. just like we used to be. Even if u are content with ur life right now, the person that I once knew will miss being in the past. What's the use of having everything if u are not happy?

ugly truth

I think I was being loyal by staying an sticking to my promise. But somehow, u still don't see that value in me. In fact, all u ever do is giving me that "look" that says " i don't like u and i don't even want to talk to u". IF u haven't realize it by now,yeah, that's why I never even bothered to talk to u. I used to read in magazines,blogs etc etc that self confidence can change people attitude. I guess that explained why u've changed. But somehow u took all that confidence and changed it into something miserable. I know u are not satisfied with ur life. That's why u have been feeling all of that insecurities. I try to be there for u. Even I can't do much. I was always there to listen. But somehow u overlook all of that. Somehow in ur memories, I'm just a person u have come to met. Somehow our friendship means nothing. Somehow u have forget what we have been through. I can see that u are standing tall right now. But someday when u are crawling, let see how many of ur "friends" are gonna be there for u. I never wish u harm but I just wished someday Allah will open ur eyes and let you see the UGLY TRUTH about the life u are living now. I don't want to push u away any further. So for me,the distance between us is just enough to give me some hope that when you have seen the truth, we'll be friends again. coz right now I don't feel like we are.

It's MY life.

People like to talk talk talk. If u do some good,they will NEVER remember. But if u do some bad,they will make it a battlefield for u. Why is this even possible?? No justice at all. But yeah, I've known it all along.

Growing up, I think if I be nice to people and do good deeds,people are going to treat me as the same. Boy, how wrong was I! Anywhere u go, anytime... There WILL ALWAYS be someone who hates u. ALWAYS.

I don't know why but that's how my life is. There's always that SOMEONE who loves to dictate my life. Hey common lahh. U already got your life. So it's not fair for u to control others' as well. It's like u are living 2 lives at the same time. GRRRR.

I was never born as a hater. And never as I intend to be. So let me be me. Stop all the judging and sarcastic comments. It won't bring u any good in destroying others life and future.