Friends,you say?

Ever heard the term "friends for life"? How many of you have find your true friends? haha. It's easier to pronounce than to actually find one. I'm glad i've found mine. & I'm glad I realize it before it's too late.

Once upon a time,looong ago,I used to be in groups of friends.Skipping one to another group just to fit in. The problem is,I fit in with ALL of them. But the issue here is,once I was in their GROUP,they felt like I was their's and I couldn't be friends with other people. That is totally childish rite? I love to make friends and so naive at that time. So I never even KNEW that I was their group or whatever. I made friends with everyone around me. Although i'm not that friendly,haha. But the problems arrise as some of them don't like what they see or what they heard. And then they will go and talk behind my back. *as if i don't know laa*

Those were difficult times coz nobody dared to be honest. And so,I knew right then that they are NOT my friends. As a friend,we need to be honest with each other. Maybe SOME white lies are in order and acceptable but TALKING BEHIND each other's back aren't cool. At all! Saying awful stuff doesn't make the person feels better either. Talk to your friends gently and resolve the matter. It is not so hard you know? You don't need to be childish and immature. Friends are supposed to KNOW their friends well enuff to know how they are gonna react if you said something. *wow,now i sound like pakar motivasi* and Friends are supposed to know the honesty and criteria of of their own friends. If there are a black sheep in one of ur "friends",cast them aside coz they are NEVER gonna change. Batu api is never good in a relationship and most of all,FRIENDSHIP.

But it was all long time ago and I have learnt so much since then. I now know the diamonds within the sands. So it's no use to fool me again. My friends are for keepers and they are the treasure that i adore. For haters out there, I may not be as pretty,skinny,rich,clever etc etc as you are,but at least I got something that u'll never have. HONESTY.


ni mse zaman2 skola menengah dlu.. lme da.. haha


x dpt bace la... nape ek??


i hate two things in my life

1)honesty -need to gather all the truth ,lie and hates to tell the actual scenario .

2)promises -it just another words that meant to be broke

isn't that bad ?


aten : xdpt bace?? pelik2


zhana : u dun like honesty? which means?? haha. do xplain darl. i also dun like promises coz i hate having my high hopes n expectation crash jz bcz someone decided not to fulfil their promise(s)


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