New experience

I never worked before. and it's NOT because I'm too lazy or whatever. It's jz bcoz my ummi is quite protective. huu~ I don't know where I got the idea from but I am now running a business. *chewaahh.sounds so fancy* hahaha. I always love to sell item to people and recommend good stuff or places to others but never knew there's actually a work for it. haha. And it's actually can provide me SOME money *not many k.some* Although it is not so profitable but I like it cause I'm learning and evolving. I got to try something new from different perspective. Before this,I love to took the time to compare the prices and search for cheaper price. and then I'll get better bargain. But now,I can make an income out of it. How awesome is that?! haha. But I have to admit la. I'm always a C>H>E>A>P>SHOPPER. hahaha.I was brought up that way and I'm proud of it *wink wink* But there is a negative thing going on here cause now,I can't think of anything else other than my business! haha. If I'm not a student,thet wouldn't be a big of a problem. In fact,it is a criteria of a will-be-successful-entrepreneur. But since I'm a student,it doesn't give me much advantage as I have to focus on my studies first. huu~ The only advantage that I gain is the income & experience. But who knows,it might be what I needed in the future.



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