the holidays are ending *SOON* and I just dun wanna go back. hahaha. Soo typical ME. Living at home means more veggies & TV time. spending time wit my family (Ummi,lil sis n big bro). Not to forget my kitties time. Aww. I'm surely gonna mish them! wanna see their pic?
Zorro is sleeping peacefully in my arms.haha.mcm bantal je ak nih!

Jojee wat aksi manje die. mke innocent jek! ;p

Tadaa~ ni la my kitties. manje n nakal. && love to pose for the camera! Soo NOT like me. huhu

Moving on with my post,I really dunno what to babble about but i just wanna write sumthing.hahahaha.What to do after i reached melaka? here's the list. hehe

1. Watch Eclipse
2. Wait for Avatar (legend of Aang) to come out
3. Meet HIM

opps! probably should put him 1st rite? hahaha. ok2.. revise it..

1.Meet HIM & frenssss
2.Watch movie(S) together
3.Have fun & lotsa laugh
4.Stu-DIE-ing :'(

I'm not looking forward to num 4! hahahaha. But as always,I'll manage it somehow.

New resolutions? NO MORE DRAMAS! Whoever gets in my way,I'll jz pretend lk they dun exist. My life would be SOO MUCH BETTER without you & ur pathethic nonsense. This sem,I'm gonna spend it wisely with the ones who truly cared about me. & we are gonna billions n jillions of funs together. *wink wink*


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aten!! apsal remove comment? haha


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