*warning* this entry might have some gibberish talk

Don't u just envy someone who can wear almost anything and still looks good in it? Well,I do! Some people are just born with perfect figures,perfect aura,perfect attitude *haha.u know what i meant* They can pull off anything and people would still love them anyway. Sometimes I envy them but most of the time, I just HATE them. ngahaha. Jealous much. For instance,you make some trouble together but you were the only one who'll get blame for it. WTH?? Their "persona" seems to dazzle everyone around them. And so,people always neglect the fact that they ARE doing something wrong. As for the fact that they can wear the most ugly stuff and still looks HOT in it,well,I blame it on their D.N.A.But some people just wear their cloths with their attitude. Do you know what I mean? Ok. ok. It's like this. They most probably don't have the prettiest face and body but somehow when they wear something,they make the item looks like it's made just for them. How I wish I can pull it off like that. haha. I don't think I can do that and sell garments. LOL. There's always something wrong with what I wear and it's not the clothes fault. It's ME. I seems to lost my X factor somewhere in the sea. someone please find it back and send it to me so that I won't look like a total mess. hahaha. *as if I even HAD it* Waah. such nonsense I'm blabbering about right now.



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